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New Beautiful Rustic Dragonfly Wind Chimes Home Garden Decoration

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Blue Bird-Blue Bead
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Rustic Bird-Red Bead
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This handmade clay wind chime features a beautiful carved dragonfly pattern,accented by a large copper wind sail with a patina finish.A small ceramic sculptured blue bird of happiness sits atop the bell.My wind chimes serve so many purposes,besides just beautiful garden décor. 

It has a beautiful dragonfly wing pattern and is decorated with bronze sails.On the top of the clock is a glazed blue,glazed green or rustic red ceramic bird.

Beautiful rustic dragonfly wind chimes,bohemian handmade garden decoration gift


Main Features:

Design And Match:A small ceramic sculpture bird with blue glazed,green glazed or rustic red sits on the top of the clock,featuring a beautiful dragonfly wing pattern and a bronze sail.

Multipurpose:They will remind you of the severity of the wind that day,and will scare away the birds and animals you don't want to appear in the garden.

Decoration:Light weight and easy to hang.If the garden in your heart becomes dull.Our wind chimes can create a sense of tranquility,warmth and nature for your garden,yard,balcony,window,and corridor.

Best Gift:This is the best gift choice for family,friends and lovers.It is the perfect gift for Mother's Day,Thanksgiving,Valentine's Day,Christmas,wedding or housewarming.

Mascot:Wind chimes symbolize good wishes,love,safety,health,happiness and joy.It also symbolizes wealth.For a special person,it is the best commemorative gift.




Style:Modern and Simple

Weight:About 300g

Color:Red Bird,Green Bird,Blue Bird

Package Included:

1*Rustic Dragonfly Wind Chime