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Pocket-sized Peace of Mind


The ultimate companion for your child's safety andentertainment with MiniMate™.

Designed with parents in mind, lts compact size ensuresyour child can carry it everywhere, providing peace ofmind without the bulk of traditional smartphones.


Yes, Monic is Unlocked!

It offers dual-SlM support, making it simple for your child tostay connected with family and for emergencies.This feature ensures reliable contact in a compact, child.
friendly device.


Is the Monic™ locked to a specific carrier
No, the Monic™ smartphone is not locked to any specific carrier.

It is an unlocked device, meaning you have the flexibility to choose any carrierthat supports its network bands.

This allows for greater freedom in selecting the most suitable and cost-effective plan for your needs, ensuring your child stays connected without anycarrier restrictions.
How durable is the Monic™ smartphone?
Monic™ is built with durability in mind, featuring a robust design towithstand the everyday adventures of a child.
Can lmonitor my child's location with Monic™?
Yes, Monic™ includes GPs tracking, allowing parents to monitor theirchild's location for added safety and peace of mind.
How does the dual-SiM functionality work?
The dual-SlM feature allows you to use two separate lines, one for family andanother for emergencies or close friends, ensuring your child is alwaysreachable.
What is the battery life of Monic™?
Monic™ boasts up to 30 hours of battery life, depending on usageensuring your child stays connected throughout the day.
Canllimit screen time on Monic™?
Yes, Monic™ allows parents to set screen time limits to ensure healthyusage habits for their children.