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Handcraft Recycled Wood Carving Gift(Butterfly)

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Butterflies are loyal to lovers and have only one partner in their life.They are one of the faithful representatives of the insect world,Butterflies are regarded as auspicious symbols.

Inside design inspiration:

Our designer chose the colorway the same as the monarch butterfly and chose milkweed as the inside design of the butterfly. The details at the tip of its wings are also well shown on our product. This one here is designed to remind people of habitat destruction and climate change.

How we make them?

For the habitats of wild animals and the environment of the planet, we chose recycled wood as our raw material for our handcrafted woodenanimals.

Our products are designed with love and care, and produced with detailed mechanical engraving with a scene of the habitat for this animal.


In the spring and summer, the monarch butterfly's habitat is open fields and meadows with milkweed. In winter it can be found on the coast of southern California and at high altitudes in central Mexico.